About Model I am a self-starter with interpersonal-skills. I work efficiently both as an individual contributor as well as along with a team. Whichever is required I can work both ways. Although I do not have a  wide experience in modelling, I am eager to learn about modelling and I am fully prepared to dedicate […]


About Model I am Glydel, (Nickname : Gly). Being an open-minded person, I am able to handle any task. Additional I am eager to learn and improve myself in any task given to me. I am a hard working person, I guarantee I will do the best to achieve the best I can.


About Model Hello I am Glence Claire, 18 years old. I am always an energetic person and eager to learn new skills. My persistence, endurance and confidence will ensure that each photoshoot will be giving the best result.


About Model I am Frankie M. Singh, 18 years of age. I am a first year student taking the degree of bachelor of science in mechanical engineering at Cebu University. I am half Indian and half Filipino. My pageant experience was being the queen during our acquaintance party and one of the candidates of Miss […]


About Model I am Daphne, a beauty queen enthusiast. Living a simple life yet enjoying it until it lasts.


About Model My name is Charline I’m 19 years old. My nationality is Filipino. I like to travel and driving big bikes. I attended to Magdugo National Highschool and graduated last 2021.


About Model Anshary Maigue is a simple lady who loves to dance, playing volleyball, hang out with friends and helping others. She’s part of a youth organization in her community. She never says no when helping others as long as she can. One of her childhood dream is to be a model someday and being […]


About Model I am nineteen year old girl from Pinamungajan Cebu. I reflect a varied personality including ambition and the qualities of generosity and thoughtfulness. I encourage fighting for what you desire and believe in, and doing it through God because nothing great comes easy and with God everything is possible.


About Model I consider myself as an independent and strong woman. I struggle a lot in life but I am willing to do my best just to surpass all of the circumstances in life. I joined pageant once but pageant isn’t my thing. I love posing and seeing myself in the covers or magazines. And […]